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Shandong laiwu city library

Historical evolution of Laiwu Library in Shandong Laiwu city library was founded in 1976, when it was called "Laiwu County Library", the Laiwu cultural museum library all the business, personnel and houses are raised. 1977 officially promoted, equipped with Museum leaders, adjust and enrich staff, formal construction of the museum. In July 1st of the same year, the business function of the library was carried out separately, but at that time, the library business was managed by the library and collected by the collection of cultural relics, and it was included in the cultural institutions directly under the Laiwu county. In 1984, "Laiwu county" was changed to "Laiwu city", and "Laiwu County Library" was changed to "Laiwu city library"". At that time, because the party members were few, the party organization and cultural museum and the people's Theatre jointly formed the grass-roots party branches. In 1985, after the reform of the administrative organs, the party set up a party branch alone. At the beginning of the establishment of Laiwu municipal library, there were only 5 staff members, who worked in the county cultural center and worked out a certain amount of business expenditure. In order to promote the development of the cause of change, no building condition, the museum is to repeatedly apply for help. In 1985 completed the construction area of 1280 square meters of the library building. Since then, the museum has its own premises. In July 1989, the new cultural relics management committee of Laiwu was set up from the Laiwu municipal library. From then on, Laiwu library only truly carried out the function of Library business. In 1993, it was upgraded from prefectural level library to prefectural level library, with 16 staff members, 1 curators and 2 vice curators. There are editing room, library, reading room, children's reading room, Counseling Department, finance room, office and information room. 1994 to set up audio-visual room, borrow videos, audio and video materials in 1998 1999 to build a room to stop lending; the configuration of the electronic reading room, computer 10 units, in 2002 after the relocation, increase the computer 30 units, reached 40 units. The same year to facilitate the whole culture system of print, in the Cultural Bureau of the strong support, to build a copy typing room, computer configuration two, printer, mimeograph machine. In 2003, local documents should be set up at higher level. With the development of enterprise, the construction of library buildings is put on the agenda. In 1999, the establishment of a cultural center building was approved by the higher authorities. In 2000, it formally broke ground and was completed and delivered in 2002. The library has an area of more than 4 thousand square meters.